Once you've completed your booking, the details are sent electronically to the supplier. The supplier then makes the appropriate arrangements according to the information you provided when making your booking. It is therefore imperative that you provide the correct information when booking, as the supplier cannot be held responsible for errors in service due to incorrect information provided at time of booking. It is up to you to check the details on the booking voucher prior to travel, and inform us immediately if there are any errors.
The price of one way ticket includes a one-way journey for the route booked. Round trip ticket includes both the arrival and departure journeys for the route booked. Multi City includes several destinations of your journeys each segment has its own price Our shared shuttle services are priced per passenger, whereas with private vehicles such as taxis and minibuses, these are priced per vehicle.Child seats (where available), excess luggage, sport equipment etc, may incur additional cost. Please see sections below for more information.
The booking procedure will automatically calculate an approximate collection time for your departure. The system will calculate the journey, plus 2.5 hours to allow plenty of time for check-in procedures. Please be sure to check the instructions on your booking voucher thoroughly to be certain of requirements concerning your departure transfer, as this can vary from destination to destination. If you are taking a shared shuttle transfer, please follow the instructions on the voucher to obtain your pick up time. This is due to shuttles having multiple pick up destinations. It is absolutely vital that you call the supplier within office hours at least 24 hours prior to departure, in order to be given an accurate pick up time. The supplier reserves the right to alter pick up times according to local needs. The supplier cannot be held responsible for missed pickups resulting from clients not traveling with their booking voucher. This booking voucher contains the relevant information to enable you to call and confirm your booking.
The journey times stated on our website and booking vouchers are estimated, and are applicable for a journey on a normal day. It is possible that these times may vary according to time of day, road works, local road closures or diversions, volumes of traffic, local festivities etc. Shuttle journeys, which involve multiple pickups and drop offs, may take longer than stated.
The allowance per person is one standard size suitcase (approximately 70cm high, 47cm wide and 21cm deep), as well as one small piece of hand luggage. Please note that your hand luggage will be transported in the vehicle with you, and so it should be an appropriate size for this. So for shuttles, the allowance is 1 suitcase per person; for passengers traveling by private transport, the maximum number of suitcases is given in the vehicle information on the booking page. For example, 1 person traveling in a vehicle with "1-3 suitcase allowance" can bring up to 3 suitcases. If you are traveling with excess luggage, such as large suitcases, golf clubs, wheelchairs, skis, pushchairs, etc., it is imperative that you make us aware at the time of booking, as extra charges may apply. Failure to tell us may result in extra transport being required to accommodate the excess baggage, which will incur additional local charges. Please note that on some occasions, a vehicle at full passenger capacity with luggage for each passenger may need to be replaced with a larger vehicle. To avoid any complications in this regard on arrival, please call and clarify requirements when booking.
The price paid does not include gratuities. It is customary to give a tip if you feel the service has warranted this. However, this is entirely at your discretion.
Please note that it is possible to login and amend or cancel your booking online. Cancellations can be made right up until the day of the transfer. However, any amendments need to be made three days or more prior to travel.
Please note that it is possible to login and amend or cancel your booking online. Cancellations can be made right up until the day of the transfer. However, any amendments need to be made three days or more prior to travel.
If your outbound flight is delayed or cancelled, please call the supplier on the telephone number shown on the booking voucher. If you are traveling on a connecting flight, and the first sector is delayed or cancelled, subsequently causing a delay to your arrival in your final destination where the transfer is booked, then you will, in all cases, need to advise of your new details. This is to ensure that the supplier is informed and able to reschedule your transport. In some destinations, night charge may be applicable. Should your new arrival time fall within the period wherein night charges apply, then you will be liable for payment of these. Failure to advise of cancelled and rescheduled flights may result in transport being provided as per the original details on the booking. In this instance, the supplier cannot be held responsible, and no refund will be given.
Yes, in certain areas but this depends on the supplier. Please contact us with your request. This service is currently available.